Our interdisciplinary management team is committed to inclusivity, open collaboration, and persistent innovation.

Jose Miranda

Managing Partner

He is responsible for overseeing the company's growth and innovation to ensure Naawa delivers the best valuable solutions to our clients.

Lillian Symonds

Business Solutions Partner

She is responsible of delivering the right business solution for each client to improve quality and efficiency.

Sebastian Morales

Analytics Partner

He is responsible for developing product solutions for clients based on data analysis, machine learning and demand forecasting.

LuzMa Avila

Head of Strategic Marketing Solutions

She is responsible to identify and develop strategic marketing solutions for clients, as well as strengthen relationships with strategic partners.

Andrea Martínez

Analytics Consultant

She is responsible for recognizing clients needs, analyzing and optimizing their operational processes and functions, including data analysis and reporting.

“We want to become the best valued partner to our clients based on helping companies to lead sustainable growth by inspiring talented challenging minds.”